How To Choose A Thoughtful Leaving Gift For Your Staff

Where would you be without your team? They work hard for you, they make up your company culture and contribute to your organisation’s growth.

In these days of choice and mobility, building and maintaining relationships in business has become even more vital. The focus on employee engagement is high right now. There’s more focus on the employee experience.

Businesses big and small treasure good staff, and when they go you want to show appreciation with a thoughtful parting gift.

Current employees may also value how grateful you are toward departing employees, which makes them feel proud to be a part of an encouraging work environment.

Here’s how you can choose a thought leaving gift for departing staff members.

How To Choose A Thoughtful Leaving Gift For Your Staff

Keep Communication Flowing With The Right Gift

You never know what might happen in the future. An employee may even decide to return to your business after gaining meaningful experience in other places. So it’s important to send them off on a high note!

End your professional relationship on good terms. Keep the door open for a potential return that they feel comfortable with by parting ways happily – make that goodbye gift thankful, thoughtful and meaningful.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on gifts for an employee leaving, such as:

  • Years of service at the company
  • Reason for leaving
  • Their relationship with other employees

As lines blur between our home and work life, our workday and our free time, coworkers often develop close bonds with one another – and their employers. A departing employee may be a bit sad to leave their current job behind. The right leaving gift can recognise those bonds and serve as a reminder of their friends and colleagues when they start a new chapter.

A Gift To Enrich The Employee Experience

The experience of an employee in an organisation matters. The relationships that are built matter.

Create an experience around the separation process that will help the worker remember you fondly and be an advocate of the company in the future. A well-chosen, appreciated leaving gift for a departing team member can act as a bonus for your company’s reputation, showing how caring and appreciative the company culture is.

A Send-off To Show Your Appreciation

It is the thought that counts when choosing a gift, and we have you covered with plenty of great options at The Gift Shop! Think of your departing team member’s preferences and hobbies to select something they will really like.

Are they Champagne Lovers? Then the Celebrate with Moet or Love Spell are perfect choices.

Maybe they are a beer lover, a wine drinker, or a pink gin aficionado?

Perhaps they are all about the ultimate BBQ, delicious cookies, or like to sip and snack?

Whatever they are passionate about, we’ll have a box to suit!

Check out our collections based on receipients:

Demonstrate how much you value the work your employee has provided your company by hand-picking a gift that suits the departing team member from the Gift Shop. From pampering packages through to gourmand sampler boxes (plus the best local wine, beer and spirits!), the Gift Shop has a gift box to suit.

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