The Perfect Choice: Corporate Gifts For Women

Corporate gifts come in all shapes and sizes.

But, some of the more generic boxes aren’t always suitable for your needs.
Which is why it is really helpful to be able to choose from a great selection of specially curated boxes to suit women, men, professionals, parents, new homeowners…

The list of categories go on and on here at The Gift Shop!

One of the areas we are really passionate about is providing meaningful corporate gifts for women.

Chances are, women are critical to your business - as clients, employees, suppliers, partners…you couldn’t do it without them. And they’re certainly worthy of a treat now and then!

When the occasion comes to give a gift to an essential woman in your business sphere, give her something great to unpack! Here’s how to choose the perfect corporate gifts for women

The Perfect Choice: Corporate Gifts For Women

Time Off For Pampering

It’s refreshing to receive a gift that’s centered on your wellness, rather than something focused on your work life. Treat her to a wellness gift box filled with self-care goodies like candles, chocolate and feel-good tea for a great pick-me-up.

The Gift Shop hand-selects indulgent bath products and lush candles from Kiwi companies, specially curated and packed in luxury packaging to help her decompress. With a variety of wellness focused choices, the boost that a luxury pampering gift box from the Gift Shop will provide is the gift itself.

Whether it’s recognition of a key partnership, her birthday, a work anniversary or some other special occasion: don’t let it go unmarked!

Snacks For Everyone

Our boxes are packed with carefully chosen treats featuring a collision of sweet and savoury flavours from boutique Kiwi food brands. It’s no secret that dried fruits and nuts and gourmet chocolates always make a great gift.

When in doubt, opt for chocolate: check out a Chocolate Lover’s gift box for anyone that cannot resist top quality chocolate.

Tip: When choosing a food-focused box, be sure to consider any allergies or intolerances so she can indulge in your carefully chosen gift. 

Work From Home Survival Kit

In recent years, many of us have taken our jobs home. But Zoom fatigue, a potential lack of privacy or personal space, and an absence of coworkers to collaborate with can make working from home tough.

Plenty of our gift boxes make working from home a lot more pleasurable! They are the perfect solution for alleviating stress and sweetening up their home office with aromas and tastes. Plus, many of our boxes contain that essential tipple for Zoom happy hour at the kitchen table.

A carefully chosen gift can inspire appreciation and joy in a way that your female business associates will remember you for. Give her the gift of your gratitude by treating her with a curated box from The Gift Shop, all packed up in a beautiful package and ready to ship or collect from our Auckland HQ.

Here's our Team Top Gifts for Women:

  1. Ultimate Gift Box - Pink
  2. Blush and Bubbles
  3. Love Spell
  4. The Goddess Gift Basket
  5. Pampering Peach
  6. Pink Champagne Gift Basket

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