How To Buy Great Corporate Gift Baskets At Any Price Point

Giving gifts in business is a gesture that has long-term benefits – no matter the occasion or the recipient. Done well, corporate gifting can build goodwill and ultimately boost the growth of your business.

But, that doesn’t mean that all corporate gifts come with the same budget attached.

Some high value clients you might want to splurge on and some you might want to show your appreciation in a more modest way.

Luckily, we have you covered with amazing options at every price point.
At the Gift Shop, we stock carefully curated, hand-packed corporate gift baskets filled with quintessentially New Zealand-sourced gifts to match any price point, suit any recipient and celebrate every occasion. We provide a dedicated consultant to assist our corporate customers every step of the way from the brief to delivery.

So, let’s jump in and look at how to buy great corporate gift baskets at any price point.

How To Buy Great Corporate Gift Baskets At Any Price Point

Gifting Small Can Have Big Returns

There will be some clients you want to push the boat out for every time. But, you don’t have to spend big to make an impact.

If you’re a small business, making your first foray into corporate gifting, or have a large number of recipients to buy for, check out the Gift Shop’s gifts under $100. Our luxe corporate gift baskets start from just $59 and pack a big punch.

How about the Celebrate with Moët? This cool gift box is one of Celebration Box's top selling gift boxes! With a bottle of champers, delicious Whittaker's Chocolate and to leave a lasting impression - a Cote Noire Prosecco Candle to remind you of the good times every time it is 'lit'! A perfectly low-key but thoughtful collection of treats to show your appreciation.

And we even cater for dietary requirements in our under $100 range too. Check out the Very Much Vegan and Gluten Free Goodies boxes ensuring no one has to miss out! Then there’s the equally important chocoholic requirement to account for, and we have them covered too!

How Much Should You Spend?

It can be tricky to put a value on what you want to spend per gift. So, to work out how much money you should allocate to gifts for clients, customers and your team, first, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your total gift budget?
  2. How many people are receiving a gift from you and who are they?

Your total budget and how many gifts are needed will determine what type of presents you will give.

Are Corporate Gift Baskets A Good Investment?

That old business adage that ‘you have to spend money to make money’ really is true. But, you don't want to throw cash around willy nilly! You want to make smart investments.

That is even true with your gifting.

The good news is that a well-timed gift to the right person can really pay off. It can keep you top of mind, getting you more business – generating a return on your investment.

Of course, you don’t send a gift simply to get something in return. Sometimes it is to say thank you, show how much you respect their work, or just because you want to!

Corporate gifts generate goodwill, no matter the reason for sending. So, they could be one of the best investments you make in your business!

When In Doubt, Be Sweet With Treats

No matter the occasion, we have great ways for you to be sweet with treats.
In fact, all of the Gift Shop’s gift boxes contain some kind of sweet treats – from boutique local New Zealand makers to favourite local big brands. If you have a modest budget or are unsure of the recipient’s preferences, sweets always go down well.

Play it safe and take a look at our alcohol-free boxes and gluten free boxes to ensure your recipient can indulge in your gift in the way you intended.

Whatever your gift giving budget might be, you‘ll always be delivering gifts packed with value if you select from the Gift Shop. Our curated gift boxes are created carefully by hand, contain only high-quality content, and are professionally presented in high-quality packaging for that crucial unboxing pleasure.

Shop for your corporate gifts now or get in touch with our dedicated corporate consultant today

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