Best Gifts for Vegans

Gift Ideas for Vegans

Looking for gift ideas for your Vegan friends? We've got you covered...

Vegans… you love them and they deserve an amazing gift but, they’re vegan and you have no idea what to get. You want to get something they’ll actually enjoy, you want to get something they can actually use. But where do you start? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered! 

We've put together a range of kiwi made products from the best locally owned businesses from all over New Zealand. Our new range of vegan gift boxes are perfect for anyone that loves a little bit of everything. Snacks, personal care, alcohol - all in one easy place! All you need to do is select your luxury gift box and choose a ribbon colour and write a message for the card! Our gift boxes are ideal for every occasion from birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries to graduation gifts, Valentine’s day or even just because! 

New Zealand Vegan Brands You'll Love

Their tasty macadamia nut crackers make a perfect snack by themselves or paired with Rutherford & Meyer mango fruit paste, and the salad toppers are a perfect addition to a salad! Not to mention the cute little jar that can be reused for something else like a spice jar. 

Little Bird Organics
Feeling snackish but don’t want to make an effort? With Little Bird Organics Good Nuts you can snack away, guilt free! 

Honeywrap Wild Flower Seeds
Pretty flowers? Saving bees? Never a miss! Wild flowers are also one of the easiest to grow and maintain. 

Wellington Chocolate
Vegan chocolate is always a hit! The Wellington Chocolate Factory bars are crafted to perfection. With their decadent, creamy chocolate there will definitely be no disappointment. 

Anihana Bath Bombs
These gorgeous bath bombs not only look great, they smell amazing! They are also paraben free, cruelty free and they are made with coconut oil! 

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