Shop Local - Every Gift Box Will Support Local NZ Businesses

Ahhh New Zealand – the land of the long white cloud, sheep, rugby, and hobbits. Our stunning nation is famous around the world for all these things, but we reckon it should be celebrated for so much more!

NZ businesses produce such a captivating range of quality products – from mouth-watering chocolate and flavoursome olive oil to lovingly crafted lotions and boutique household goods.

At The Gift Shop, it’s our mission to showcase as many of these wonderful NZ businesses as we can. We pack only NZ-made goodies into every box, helping kiwis support local kiwis while discovering the highest-quality local products from right here in Aotearoa.

When New Zealanders buy local, everyone wins!

Let’s look at why it’s important for kiwis to support local NZ businesses and experience some of the fantastic products tucked away in our range of NZ gift boxes.

Shop Local - Every Gift Box Will Support Local NZ Businesses

Good Things Happen When Kiwis Support Local Businesses

There’s never a bad time to support local NZ businesses. Our country may be small, but it sure is spicy, and there are so many amazing people doing awesome things in all the little nooks and crannies of New Zealand.

By buying NZ made goods, we help create local jobs, keep money in the local economy, and make New Zealand more self-sufficient, which is crucial when we’re tucked away at the bottom of the globe!

The more we can discover and support a diverse range of local products, the more goods and services become available locally, giving us a greater range of things to buy.

Buying kiwi-made products is not just good for the economy; it’s also great for the environment. Your goodies won’t have travelled thousands of kilometres to get to you. Plus, NZ businesses also tend to purchase their goods and supplies from other NZ businesses, so you know the environmental footprint of your purchase remains humble.

Discover Your New Favourite NZ Businesses

What’s not to love about products made in NZ by NZ businesses? One of the best parts of our job is scouring the country for distinctively kiwi products to make your gift boxes just a little extra special – and boy, have we found some winners!

For those with a sweet tooth, you’ll be stoked to know that many of our gift boxes feature the best chocolate made here in New Zealand. Of course, you can’t go past Whittakers for a decadent treat, but we also stock chocolate from boutique suppliers such as Donovans, Seriously Good Chocolate Company, The Wellington Chocolate Factory, and more – including some truly decadent cookies from Molly Woppy!

If you’re after more of a savoury sensation, there are plenty of NZ businesses that hit the spot. We’ve had the pleasure of sampling and supplying the meaty goodness from Bootleg Jerky, savoury nuts and snacks from Herb & Spice Mill, and crunchy crisps from Proper Chips.

And while we’re on the subject of food, if you haven’t tried some seasonings from Wild Fennel Co or some spicy sauces from Culley’s, you’re in for a real treat if you discover these offerings in a Gift Shop gift box!

Not Just Food!

Of course, kiwis do food well, but that’s not all we do! We’ve curled up with cosy wheat bags from Kiwi Wheat Bags; come out of the shower smelling divine thanks to Triumph and Disaster’s creams, soaps, and lotions; added to our kitchen supplies with MZ Design cheese boards, tongs, and more.

And don’t let us get started on the Church Road wine or Garage Project beer that features in some of our gift boxes!

Seriously – we could go on all day about the fantastic NZ businesses we support, but we’d rather let you discover them for yourself (or help your friends, colleagues, or loved ones discover them) in one of our delightful gift boxes.

Whether you’re after a treat for yourself or the perfect gift for someone else, you’ll find the ideal gift box in The Gift Shop – and even better, you’ll be gifting a range of NZ businesses with your support – how kiwi is that!

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